Mauritius Sega Music

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    Mauritius Sega Dance
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    Mauritius Sega

Mauritius Sega music is the typical dance and music from Mauritius.

Mauritius Sega is originated from Africa and Madagascar.

The Mauritius Sega music comes from the slavery time where the slaves took what they had at this time which could be used as instruments to make music.

It was their only distraction at this period.

Nowadays there are different instruments used to play Mauritius Sega music, but the traditional instruments are the ravanne, the maravanne, a goat skin drum and the triangle.

Usually in the past at the slavery time, the men used to sing the Sega and the women used to dance, nowadays both men and women sing the Sega.

Mauritius Sega

Mauritius Sega

In the last few years there has a lot of change in Mauritian music there is only Sega, there has been a fusion of Sega and reggae which is now known as seggae.

Seggae became well known mainly by Kaya and his group Racinetatane.

But Kaya unfortunately died from a still unexplained death while in police custody in 1999.

He was arrested for allegedly smoking a joint in public.

Some other well known Sega singers are Cassiya, Lebrasse, TiFrère and Marie José Clency.

Sega is a type music when you listen, you just want to stand up and dance and it is very entertaining.

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