Mauritius Exchange Rate

  • Mauritius-Rs1000-note
    Mauritius Rs1000 note
  • Mauritius-Rs100-note
    Mauritius Rs100 note
  • Mauritius-Rs200-note
    Mauritius Rs200 note
  • Mauritius-Rs500-note
    Mauritius Rs500 note

Mauritius Exchange Rate -The Mauritius currency is the Mauritius Rupee, the currency code for the Mauritius Rupee is MUR and Rs is the currency symbol.

The Mauritius exchange rate is seen at all banks, on the internet of course, there are different sites having the exchange rate of the Mauritian Rupee.



The Mauritius exchange rate may differ everyday. But the Mauritian Rupee has not so that much value compared to dollars, pounds or euros.
On the site, you will have a page updated everyday where you have the actual exchange rate everyday.
To change your money in rupees you can go to a bank or to the different change offices located at different part of the island.

It is better to exchange your money in Mauritius instead of your home country, the reason is that the Mauriitus Exchange Rate is lower.

At your arrival at the Mauritius Airport in the South of the island, there is host exchange office. You can just change your own currency in Mauritius Rupee in the Exchange Rate Office.

Other offices as the Thomas Cook or Shibani Finance are located in the popular touristic places. You want more information then visit the website shibanifinance

Euros are of course accepted in Mauritius but it is better to have the local currency or you can just pay with Credit Cards.

In the different banks of Mauritius you can exchange money with travellers cheques, Maestro cards, Visa/Master cards or just cash.

Of course you find a large number of ATM in the mains cities of Mauritius where can also withdraw Mauritius Rupees with your own personal bank cards, but be aware that there may be process fees.

Usually the Mauritius Exchange Rate for:

1 Euro is between Rs40-Rs45
1 Dollar is between Rs30-Rs33
1 pound is between Rs60-Rs64

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