Mauritius Cyclone Info

Mauritius Cyclone

Mauritius Cyclone …  As Mauritius is a tropical island cyclones occurs during the summer time. Cyclones mainly occur during the warmest from January to March. Nowadays a cyclone is known as a tropical storm or a tropical cyclone.

This is the main problem when you decide to visit Mauritius during the warmest time; you may have a cyclone and bad weather.

During a cyclone, it is very windy and there a lot of rain. At a certain point, there will be no flights because it is too risky because of the winds.
There have been in the past some devastating cyclones as Alix and Carol in 1960, Gervaise in 1975, Jenny in 1962.

Mauritius dispose of a warning system for the Mauritian population to let them know when there is a cyclone approaching the island.
The warning system goes from Class 1 to class 4.



The class 1 is usually to let the population know that there is in the surrounding of Mauritius and that it can be a fear for the island depending of the direction it takes.

The class 2 is to inform the population to take precaution to buy candles because there may be electricity cuts, buy food and this warning is usually given 36hrs to 48hrs before cyclonic conditions with gusts that may attain 120km/hr.

Class 3 is usually six hours before gusts of 120km/hr occurs, it is at this time not recommended to go out or to adventure in the sea, it will be very windy and rainy.

Class 4 will inform that the gusts will be probably over 120km/hr and that the tropical mauritius cyclone is very near to the island or will pass over the island. During this time, it is dangerous to go out of the home.

But you can still visit Mauritius during the warmest season if you want to see a tropical cyclone.

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