Mauritius Video

Mauritius Video

Mauritius Video  РGamede is the first cyclone that influenced Mauritius Island for the year 2006/2007. It could have been much more dangerous if the cyclone had hit the island, there would have been much more damages. Mauritius Island has been under cyclonic alarm as from Thursday 22 February 2007 in the afternoon until Sunday 25 February 2007. The tropical cyclone Gamede was at about 240 kilometres at its nearest to Mauritius during the night of Saturday to Sunday. There has been wind with gust of 130km/h in some regions of the island. Gamede was only a tropical cyclone and made a lot of damages on the island.

A mauritius cyclone has different phases; it starts with a severe tropical storm, a tropical cyclone, an intense tropical cyclone and a very intense cyclone. Mauritius has also a warning system for the mauritius cyclone to inform the public about its situation. The warning starts from Class I to Class IV.  Mauritius was under a warning Class IV as from Sunday 25 at 4 a.m. and at 10 a.m. there was no cyclone warning on the island as the tropical cyclone was not anymore a danger for the island.



The next mauritius cyclone is already on its way but still far from Mauritius Island, it has been named Humba.
For some information the most devastating cyclones that hit the island were Alix and Carol in 1960. But the most violent cyclone is Carol which hit the island on 28 February 1960 with wind and gust of over 200km/h.

When the eye of the cyclone was passing over the island the weather was a calm and sunny for about three hours, which was directly followed by wind and gust of 200km/h.

Have a look at the mauritius video of the tropical cyclone Gamede to have an idea of some of the damages caused. The mauritius video has been done on Saturday 24 in the afternoon.

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