Mauritius horse racing


Horse Racing exist in Mauritius since 1812 when the Mauritius Turf Club has been created. Going to the Champs de Mars and assist to the horse racing is one of the main hobbies of Mauritian people. It is like a tradition here in the country to assist to the horse racing. Mostly held on Saturdays almost every week you will be able to see at the Champs de Mars different social classes.



Lot of Mauritian go and bet on horses hoping to win some money as life is sometimes not easy in Mauritius.

The Champs de Mars is located in the capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis, in a well known avenue. The track of the Champs de Mars was first built in 1812 and since there has been lot of improvements.

The first racecourse was held in June 1812 shortly after the foundation of the Mauritius Turf Club. The Turf Club of Mauritius is known to be the oldest horse racing club of the southern hemisphere and one of the oldest in the world.

In 1904 The Mauritius Jockey Club was founded by George Rougier Lagane, Raoul Gufflet and Willy Dawson. The oldest stable of the country is Gujadhur stable.

Usually there is around sixty horses participating to the racing with about nine horses per race. During the last years there have been twenty three races held with seven races per meeting.

The horse racing is usually held between the month of April and November and sometimes starting December.

The Champs de mars is part of the history of Mauritius and gambling is a habit in the Mauritian culture.

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