Mauritius Sex Pornography

Mauritius sex pornography
Mauritius sex pornography

Talk about sex and pornography is in Mauritius a taboo discussion. First of all the state does not allow pornography of any type on the island even erotic is a taboo. But it is not because it is forbidden by the laws that you don’t see pornographic films sold in the different video shops of the island.

Sex is taboo since years the population can’t talk about it. Now may be, the mind of the younger Mauritian is changing they start feeling free talking about sex.
A lot of young girls are often pregnant very young just because they don’t really know what may happen if they had sex with a boy. There is no sexual education made by the parents, on a side it is normal because the parents themselves haven’t got any sexual education in the past.

It is not like in Europe where young girls are brought to the doctor to take the anti baby pills as soon as they have a boyfriend or when they start their menstruation.
Mauritian parents would never bring their daughters to doctors to take anti bay pills, some will tell you that it is against their religion, others will just tell you that a girl should have first time sex after marriage.

A lot of Mauritian families are living in the past, they just can’t understand that life is changing and they need to get along with it.
Nowadays, there are some school that propose Family Life Education which consist in learning about your own body and it also in consist in sexual education as how girls gets menstruation, how you get a baby and so on.

But even though sex is a taboo, there is a large number of prostitution in Mauritius and a large number of pornographic films sold.
There is still in Mauritius arrange wedding between boys and girls to tell you how some Mauritian families are living in the past, this mainly happens in Indo-Mauritian and Muslim-Mauritian families.

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