Travel Mauritius and Mauritius Travel Information

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Travel Mauritius Island Travel Guide and Information

Mauritius Island Travel Guide and Information Mauritius, officially known as the Republic of Mauritius is an insular nation from the coasts of the African continent, in the Indian Ocean’s South-West, at about 900 kilometers’ East of Madagascar. Mauritius became famous due to a postal stamp, at which each philatelist in the world dreams at.

The stamp called ‘the Blue Mauritius’ was issued in the ex British colony, in 1827. There are only 12 copies of this stamp that have been kept till today and are estimated by the collectors as the most valuable in the world.

The fame is owned to the engraver’s mistake: while he was engraving the plates, Joseph Barnard was having the postal office’s logo in front of his eyes.



So, instead of Post Paid words he put the Post Office inscription on stamp. Today, the locals are grateful to the amused engraver because due to him, the stamps with the British queen Victoria effigy made their island famous.

The Mauritius weather is perfect: the water’s temperature on the Mauritius beach is between 20 and 25 degrees all the year, air’s temperature never comes down under 16 degrees and doesn’t go higher than 30 degrees.

There is almost no corner of coastline without beach with fine and white like snow sand. Being surrounded by an extended barrier of corals, the sharks have no possibility of disturbing the divers and the swimmers. The only danger is so called Stone-Fish that can be mistaken for the marine soil and whose thrust can be fatal.

The special latex shoes can keep the danger away.

The fish of all colors and sizes tripping among corals transform the simple immersion of the head in the water with open eyes in a show coming like from another life.

You don’t need to be a professional diver to see the sub aquatic life. All you need is short pants, dive glasses, and a tube to breathe under water. You can even not know to swim because the Indian Ocean’s water is very salted and it keeps you at surface.

Mauritius travel guide

Mauritius travel guide

The waters in Mauritius are calm because the waves’ power is stopped by the corals barrier. Follow the warrior ritual of the male fish defending their nests between corals! Play with them and you will never forget these moments! The Mauritius beaches are another story: coconuts from movies and Filao trees offer you an arbour in the hot days of the warm season that lasts from November till March.

The perfect Mauritius weather allows you to visit as many tourist attractions as possible:

The Grand Bay in North, the Balaclava Ruins, the Pereybere public beach with shopping opportunities, pubs and restaurants, the Labourdonnais meadows with a variety of tropical fruit-trees, Ile Aux Cerf and Flacq Market in East, Salt Pans, Yemen, the Martello Towers, Casela and Chamarel in West, Ganga Talao, L’aventure du sucre, Black River Gorges within the Mauritius island, the Dutch Ruins, Souillac, Ile aux Aigrettes, Domaine du Chasseur, Mahebourg in South-East, the Flic and Flac beach, Le Morne and Tarnarin beach.