Mauritius Government

mauritius government
mauritius government
Since 1968 Mauritius got its independence and was not any more under the rule of British and became a Republic in 1992.Since then Mauritius Island developed from a low income based mostly on agriculture and later on grew in the sectors of tourisms, financial and industrial. Sugarcane is grown on about ninety percent of cultivated land.With time Mauritius attracted over nine thousand offshore entities.Nowadays the economy of Mauritius is mostly based on tourisms and textile industries.
Here is some info about the Government and Economy of Mauritius:

mauritius prime minister

mauritius prime minister


Minister of Tourism, Leasure and External Communication is Xavier Duval
Minister of Finance and Economy Development is Rama Sithanen

Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Corporation is Madan Dulloo
Minister of Environment and National Development Unit is Anil bachoo
Minister of Education and Human Resources is Dharambeer Gokhool
Minister of Public Utilities is Abu Kasenally

Minister of Local Government is James Burty David
Minister of Agro Industry and fisheries is Arvin Boolell
Minister of Social Security, National Solidarity and Senior Citizens Welfare and Reform Institutions is Mrs Sheila Bappoo
Minister of Woman’s Rights, Child Development, Family welfare and Consumer Protection is Mrs Indranee Seebun


  • The Government type is parliamentary democracy
  • The Judicial branch is the Supreme Court
  • Suffrage is 18 years old
  • The legal system is based on the French civil law system with elements of English common law in some areas.
  • The political parties are: Mauritian Militant Movement (MMM together with MSM), Militant Socialist Movement (MSM), Mauritian Social Democrat Party (PMSD), Alliance Social, Mauritian Labor Party (MLP), Rodrigues Movement (MR), Rodrigues Peoples Organization (OPR).
  • Unemployment rate (2006): 9.4%
  • Population below poverty line is 10% (2001)
  • Agriculture products are tea, sugarcane, bananas, cattle, fish, potatoes, goats
  • Industries are textiles, chemicals, food processing mostly sugar milling, transport equipment, tourism, metal products
  • The electricity production was of 2.107 billion kWh in 2004
  • The electricity consumption was of 1.9 billion kWh in 2004
  • Fiscal year is : 1 July – 30June

Government members of Mauritius:

Sir Aneerod Judgnauth is the president of Mauritius since October 2003
Dr Navin Ramgoolam is the Prime Minister of Mauritius since July 2005

Deputy prime Ministers are Rashid Beebeejaun, Xavier Luc Duval and Rama Sithanen
Minister of Public Infrastructure, Land Transport and Shipping is Ahmaed Beebeejaun

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