Mauritius visa requirements

mauritius visa requirements
mauritius visa requirements

Mauritius Visa Requirements – To enter Mauritius a visitor/passenger must be in possession of a valid passport of at least six months and must have a return ticket or an on-ward ticket.



Visitors/Passengers may be granted a permission to stay in Mauritius for a period which must not be longer than six months.  For Mauritius visa requirements, the following immigration documents must be provided:
• In possession of a valid passport and the expired date should be at six month beyond the date of stay.
• Having a return ticket to the country of origin or residence.
• Providing confirmed booking for accommodation in Mauritius for e.g.: Hotel booking, if sponsored by a citizen of Mauritius produce proof of sponsorship.
• Having enough funds for your living costs during your stay.
• And not engaging in profitable activities.
Visa Application Form must be sent along with:
• Two recent passport size photos.
• Photocopy of the first three pages of passport.
• Photocopy of residence/ re-entry visa with three months validity only where applicable.
If all documents are produced correctly around five working days are needed for processing application of a visa.
No visa is required for:
• Mauritian citizens.
• Spouse of a citizen of Mauritius.
• People residing in Mauritius under the Immigration Act.
• Holders of Diplomatic Passports other than delivered by the government of: Democratic Republic of Congo, Algeria, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Yemen.
• Vessel crew travelling on duty or in transit to join another vessel.
• Laissez-Passer holders by the SADC, United Nations or international recognised organisations.
• Persons travelling on a vessel and remaining in Mauritius during the stay of the vessel by which they arrive and return back.

  • Passport holders of the following countries: Austria, Australia, Antigua & Barbuda, Bahrain, Brunei Darussalam, Botswana, Barbados, Bahamas, Belgium, Belize, Cyprus, Canada, Denmark, Dominica, France, Finland, Germany, Guyana, Ghana, Gambia, Grenada, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Israel, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kenya, Kiribati, Luxemburg, Liechtenstein, Lesotho, Monaco, Maldives, Malaysia, Malta, Mozambique, Malawi, New Zealand, Namibia, Norway, Netherlands, Nevis, Nauru, Oman, Portugal, Papua New Guinea, Qatar, Spain, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, Solomon islands, Sierra Leone, Seychelles, Singapore, Switzerland, St Vincent & Grenadines, Sweden, South Africa, St Christopher, St Lucia, Tunisia, Turkey, Tanzania, Trinidad &Tobago, Tuvalu, Tonga, united kingdom & dependent territories, Uganda, United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Vatican, Vanuatu, Zimbabwe, Zambia.
  • Since the 1st October 2004, Jordan, Lebanon, Nationals of Republic of India and Republic of China who are visiting Mauritius on holidays purposes for a stay period up to fifteen days. If visitors from these particular countries intend to stay in Mauritius for a longer period than fifteen days or for any other purposes, they should apply for a visa in their own country before travelling to Mauritius.
  • Since the 1st November 2004, visas are waived for the new members of the EU (European Union) who are: Hungary, Republic of Latvia, Poland, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Slovak Republic.

Mauritius Visa Requirements for two weeks

  • A two weeks visa may be granted when arriving to Mauritius to passport holders of: Fiji, Ex-URSS, Comores, Republic of Armenia, Bulgaria, Albania, Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Uzbekistan, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Russia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Belarus, Madagascar, Republic of Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan and Ukraine.

Mauritius Visa Requirements Visa for of sixteen days

  • A sixteen days visa may be granted when arriving to the holders of a passport of the Republic of Korea.

Mauritius Visa Requirements Visa for three months

  • A three months visa may be granted when arriving to Mauritius to passport holders of: Chile, Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

Mauritius Visa Requirements Transit Visa

  • Transit visas may be granted to persons travelling to a third country only if the person has a confirmed departure from Mauritius by the first available connecting flight. If a transit to Mauritius exceeds twenty fours hours a visa is required which is obtained before travelling.

Entrance restrictions

  • Mauritian Government does not recognize passports which are delivered the government of: Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Taiwan and homelands of Ciskei, Transkei, Venda, Botsphutatswana and any other homeland which exist in the Republic of South Africa.

All other countries which have not been named in the above list will require a visa to enter Mauritius, which should be applied and obtained before travelling. In case a person is not sure, he/she should contact the nearest Embassy for more information.

The only authority which is competent to admit or not a passenger at the Points of Entry on the Mauritian territory is the Immigration Authorities.

Passport & Immigration Office

9-11 Lislet Geoffroy Str, Port Louis

Republic of Mauritius

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