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mauritius newspapers news on sunday
mauritius newspapers news on sunday

Mauritius Newspaper –  Reading the newspaper every Sunday morning with a cup of tea is as a ritual in Mauritius. But not only Sundays, every morning reading what is happening in the country and in other countries is important for mauritian.

There are some mauritius newspaper which are only printed on Sunday morning, nowadays most of the mauritius newspapers are are printed everyday with fresh new information from Mauritius and the wole world.

Find on this page some of the mauritius newspaper that can be read in Mauritius. Most of the mauritius newspapers are in French language, but you can still find some in English. Here is a list of the newspapers and magazines you can find in Mauritius:

L’Express, Le  Mauricien, Week-End, Business Mag, Scope, 5-Plus Dimanche,Turf Magazine, Star, Le Matinal, Mauritius Times, Curepipe Blues, Week-End, Le Défi and Sunday Vani.

L’Express is a morning daily newspaper as Le Matinal; Le Mauricien is an evening newspaper.

And there are some other newspapers that are printed only on Sundays as the 5Plus Dimanche.

The Turf magazine is a special magazine which talks about horse racing.

Mauritius newspaper – The Curepipe Blues gives mainly information about the town of Curepipe.

The Weekend Scope is a magazine printed on Fridays talking about music, cooking, literature, exposition and more.


Mauritius Newspaper

The Week-End is a mauritius newspaper printed on Sundays and talks about everything that happened in the country during the week.

Mauritius Newspaper Le Mauricien

Newspaper Le Mauricien

mauritius newspaper le matinal

mauritius newspaper le matinal


newspaper turf magazine


mauritius newspaper times

news on sunday

news on sunday

mauritius newspaper l'express

mauritius newspaper l’express



newspaper business mag


newspaper weekend


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