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Weather and climate information in Mauritius Island

Mauritius Climate 0

Mauritius Climate

Mauritius Climate Mauritius Climate – Summer is from November to April, the temperature is around 26° C on the coast and on the Central Plateau around 22° C Winter is from May to October,...

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Mauritius Temperature

Mauritius Temperature Mauritius Temperature – Mauritius is a tropical island located in the Indian Ocean, close to Madagascar, Rodrigues and Reunion Islands. Mauritius has all year long a comfortable temperature and climate which allow...

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Mauritius Cyclone Info

Mauritius Cyclone Mauritius Cyclone …  As Mauritius is a tropical island cyclones occurs during the summer time. Cyclones mainly occur during the warmest from January to March. Nowadays a cyclone is known as a...

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Mauritius Video

Mauritius Video Mauritius Video  – Gamede is the first cyclone that influenced Mauritius Island for the year 2006/2007. It could have been much more dangerous if the cyclone had hit the island, there would...

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Mauritius Weather

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