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Chikungunya Mauritius 0

Mauritius Chikungunya

About Chikungunya Chikingunya is a virus which is spread by a mosquito known as the “Aedes Aegypti”. Chigungunya is also known in Mauritius as “chik” or “chikun”. The first epidemic of chikungunya was discovered...

Mauritius Golf Open 0

Mauritius Golf Open

The Mauritius Golf Open is an event organized in Mauritius every year since 1994. The Golf Open will every year at this period receive seventy professional and over one hundred and fifty amateurs from...

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Mauritius Golf

Mauritius Golf – Mauritius Island is located in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is well known for golf. What is better than coming in holidays in a magnificent island and be able to improve your...

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Mauritius Weather

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