Mauritius Weather

Mauritius weather
Mauritius weather

Mauritius Weather

The mauritius weather is perfect for holidays. All the year around the climate is enjoyable. You can choose your vacation at any time of the year you will be sure to always spend great holidays. On the coastal areas, mainly the west side of the island there is not so much variation in the temperature. The disadvantage in Mauritius is that the mauritius weather may change very quickly from sunny to rainy. If you are staying on the coastal regions as Flic en Flac the weather may get rainy but not for long.

The warmest months of the year are January and February. The only problem during the warm months is that a cyclone can occur. The mauritius weather during cyclones period are not so nice of course. During a tropical cyclone there can be very strong winds, very high waves in the sea and it bring lot of rain too.

A tropical storm has different names depending of the regions the storm is located and also of its strength. In the area of Mauritius it is known mostly as tropical cyclone or tropical storm. In other region s it may be called a typhoon, a hurricane, a tropical depression or a cyclonic storm.
There is in Mauritius a warning system for the weather during a tropical cyclone for the inhabitants; it goes from Class 1 to Class 4.



The Class 1 warning is usually given between thirty six and forty eight hours before the cyclonic condition, at this time you would not even feel that there is a cyclone approaching the island.

The Class 2 is given when possible twelve hours before gusts of one hundred and twenty km/hr occurs, usually the inhabitants of the island should at this time buy some important things for the house as candles as there can be electricity cuts and some food and consolidate their homes against a may be coming cyclone. Those whose shelters are not solid enough during a cyclone can have a place to stay in public area as schools.
The warning of the Class 3 is given as far as possible six hours before gusts of one hundred and twenty km/hr occurs. Usually it is raining and very windy already and it is better not to adventure at the sea at this particular time.

The Class 4 is when there are gusts as from one hundred and twenty km/hr and over. During this period it is usually advised to stay at home and wait for next bulletin because it can be quite dangerous to adventure outside.

During a tropical cyclone there are a lot of damages. After such bad weather, lot of trees, telephone cables and electricity cables will be found on the streets. Some of the cyclones lot people remember are Alix and Carol in 1960, Jenny in 1962 and Gervaise in 1975. But the cyclone Alix and Carol are considered as the most devastating cyclone in Mauritius. With weather like this lot of families, have no homes anymore.
Compared to European countries that have four seasons, Mauritius weather has only two seasons summer and winter.

Summer is from November to April and winter is from May to October. Both seasons have usually nice weather only summer, the weather may be high in humidity. The weather in winter is cooler and nicer for older tourist who can’t support the warmer temperatures.
Usually the weather of the island has no extreme difference in the temperature. The colder region if it can be said cold is the central plateau. The central plateau is also the region of Mauritius which receives lot of rainfalls. It is around four hundred meters above sea level.

The temperature of water during summer is usually around 27°C in winter it can be up to 22°C. During the summer season the climate is usually dry and warm; the temperature on the coastal areas can be from 25°C to 35°C. On the central plateau the temperature is most of the time cooler as from 20°C to 28°C. It is very strange the island is very small but you can feel a real difference of temperature between the coastal areas and the central plateau.

In winter season the weather is most of the time humid and warm, the temperature in the coastal areas is around 24°C and the central plateau around 18°C but during the night the temperature goes sometimes a few degrees down. Of course, it is never as cold as in Europe. So just, come and enjoy the tropical weather of Mauritius Island.
As tip for visitors who would like eco-tourism, to explore the island, make walk and tours the best months are September, October and mid-November.


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