Mauritius Vaccination

Mauritius Vaccinations
Mauritius Vaccinations

Mauritius vaccinations



Mauritius Vaccination – Even though Mauritius makes part of the African continent, there no particular vaccination strongly recommended while traveling to the island.

There are some vaccinations that are recommended and some not even required.

Malaria is not found since years ago in Mauritius; the residents of Mauritius are always controlled if they have been in countries where there is a risk of malaria.

The mauritius vaccinations which are recommended can be done in case you are traveling very often in the African region.

Here is a list of some vaccinations which are usually required while traveling in some countries, some of them are recommended for Mauritius but not required.

 Vaccinations in Mauritius

Hepatitis B Vaccination recommended 2 months before travel
Hepatitis A Vaccination recommended 2 weeks before travel
Rabies Not required 1 month before travel
Typhoid Not required 10 days before travel
Meningoccocal meningitis Not required
Diphtheria Vaccination recommended 3 months before travel
Tuberculosis Vaccination recommended 3 months before travel

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