Mauritius Customs Tax

mauritius customs tax
mauritius customs tax

The Mauritius Customs Tax – As in every country in the world customs and tax are also applicable in Mauritius. The MRA Mauritius Revenue Authority is responsible of the collection for the tax policy.

The mauritius cutoms tax applicable on all goods in Mauritius is of 15% which is known as VAT, the value added tax. The VAT is also on imported goods into Mauritius. A person is considered a taxable when he or she exceeds the prescribed limit of its turnover fron taxable supplies, then this person need to be registered for VAT.

The Mauritius Revenue Authority has been created as an institution of the state for revenue collection and the management of the Revenue Laws. The Mauritius Revenue Authority is known as MRA. In year 2015 the General director of the mauriitus revenue authority is Mr S. Lal and each department has a director too.

If someone decides havind a ‘business’ in Mauritius, this person should gather all information from the Mauritius Revenue Authority to be sure he/she is doing a business in a totalyl legal way.



The vision of the Mauritius Customs tax Revenue authority  is to respected for its fairness, professionalisn, integrits, efficiency an to its contribution to the social and economic development.

The mission of the Mauritius Customs tax revenue authority is to cotinually modernise and reform the Revenue Administration to be able to get a Revenue Organisation well managed and which operates effectively .

The core values of he Mauritius Customs tax revenue authority is transparency and accountability, integrity, fairness and responsiveness.

If you want to get in contact with the Mauritius Revenue Authority here below the contact list:

Name Position Phone
Tax Administration Taxpayer Services 00230/207 6000
Customs & Excise Customs Head Office 00230/202 0500 / 01
Customs Passenger Terminal 00230/637 3187
Customs SSR Arrival 00230/637 6446
Customs PATS 00230/603 2200 or 00230/ 603 6800
Customs Compliance Section 00230/637 3298
MRA Outpost Port Mathurin, Rodrigues 00230/832 1339 or 00230/ 832 1340

Mauritius Revenue Authority
Customs Department
Tariff Unit
Customs House
Mer Rouge
Tel: 2020500, Ext 2267, 2280, 2281, 2282
Fax: 2167601, 2169567

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