Mauritius business registry

mauritius business registry
mauritius business registry

business registry mauritius

business registry mauritius

Mauritius business registry is an action with more steps involved. First, you have to go to the Companies Registrar to reserve your company’s name.

For this, you have to submit and complete an application you can find on internet.

You also can submit the application online if you, as the owner of the company, register with MNS (Mauritius Network Services).

Otherwise, you have to submit the application personally at the office for Mauritius business registry office. It will cost you about $65.46, an amount you have to pay every year if it’s a small business with profits under $981 per year.

After you receive the name’s approval, the Notice of Reservation of Name will issue a note. Next, for the Mauritius business registry you have to submit the incorporation documents also to the Companies Registrar.

These documents include: the consent and certificate of director, the consent of every shareholder of the company, the consent of every secretary of the company and the reservation notice of name issue.

You can find them also on internet.

The authorised copy of the company’s constitution is needed, if your company has such thing. It represents the document that contains the details about the directors and officers’ duties and help preventing the eventual confusion.

It takes one day to have the incorporation completed. Next, in your Mauritius business registry, you have to apply for a number and card.


You have to do it at the Companies Division and the tax depends on the employees’ number. If you have 10 people or less, the tax is about $3.27 and if you have between 11 and 50 people the tax is about $7. If the number of employees is between 51 and 100, the tax will be over $13. For over 100 employees, the tax is about $32. It is a process that lasts one day. The tax office will be informed by the registrar and issue the tax account.

mauritius business registry

mauritius business registry

You also have to get a land-use permit and building permit for your company. They authorise the building of the offices. For this, the local authorities will have a land inspection and in about four days you will get the permit.

Next, you have to register at the social security office-the registration is free and you can complete the form available on the National Solidarity and Reform website and on the Ministry of Social Security website.

For the Mauritius business registry you have to offer information about your company’s name, company’s file number, the identification number (it is the file number given by the Companies Registrar). Other requirements related to the Mauritius business registry are: the address of the business’ place, the email address, the telephone and fax numbers, the name of the business, the date of business (when you want to start your business), the business’ general nature and location, the number of the tax account, the number of the social security employment, the registration number at customs and the VAT registration number.

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