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Mauritius money

Mauritius Money – The currency of Mauritius Island is the rupee and it has for code MUR. The abbreviation for rupee is RS or Rp. In the past Mauritius was using as currency Indian...

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Mauritius Exchange Rate

Mauritius Exchange Rate -The Mauritius currency is the Mauritius Rupee, the currency code for the Mauritius Rupee is MUR and Rs is the currency symbol. The Mauritius exchange rate is seen at all banks,...

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Mauritius visa requirements

Mauritius Visa Requirements – To enter Mauritius a visitor/passenger must be in possession of a valid passport of at least six months and must have a return ticket or an on-ward ticket.    ...

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Mauritius Backpackers

For the Mauritius backpackers, the island is a perfect place, with waterfalls, forests, beaches with white sand, coral reefs and straits. Situated at East of Madagascar, Mauritius it has a surface of 1.860 square...

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Mauritius Beaches

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