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General Information and tips about Mauritius Island

Mauritius Public Holidays

Mauritius Public Holidays

Public Holidays in Mauritius Year 2015 Mauritius Public Holidays January – 01 Thursday New Year January – 02 Friday New Year February – 01 Sunday Abolition of Slavery February – 03 Tuesday Thaipoosam Cavadee...

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Mauritius Hospitals and Private Clinics

Hospitals and Private Clinics in Mauritius     Hospitals and Private Clinics in Mauritius – For a small island as Mauritius there is quite a large number of hospitals and private clinics in the...

Mauritius Vaccinations 0

Mauritius Vaccination

Mauritius vaccinations     Mauritius Vaccination – Even though Mauritius makes part of the African continent, there no particular vaccination strongly recommended while traveling to the island. There are some vaccinations that are recommended...

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Mauritius Pharmacy

Mauritius Pharmacy Pharmacies Mauritius Island is located in the Indian Ocean. There is in the town and cities of Mauritius a large number of pharmacies. A pharmacy is easily recognized by the green cross...

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Mauritius Sport

Mauritius Sports  – Mauritius is located in the Indian Ocean close to Madagascar. The island is considered as the easiest point to reach in the Indian Ocean.     As Mauritius is a small...