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Mauritius Black River

Black River

Mauritius Black River located in the west of the island in the neighbourhood of Flic en Flac, Tamarin, Chamarel. The Black River Gorges is the largest national park of Mauritius. From the highest part of the central plateau which is Plaine Champagne, there is a spectacular view of the gorges. It is a park of 6,574 hectare and was named as natural reserve in 1994; it also contributed to the regeneration of some bird species as the Pink Pigeon and the Mauritian Kestrel. The park is very easily accessible to visitors.

Black River Sugar Cane
All around the island you will find sugar cane plantation, the cut starts around the month of October/November and ends in April/May.

Black River National Park
The Black River Gorges was declared national park in 1994. The temperature at the Black River Gorges National Park is lower because it lies on a plateau slightly higher than the surrounding plains.

Black River Gorges

The Black River Gorges can be seen from the highest part of the Central Plateau which is Plaine Champagne. From there you will have the most beautiful view and a great place to take magnificent pictures.

Black River Mountains
All those mountains on the island look so extraordinary. It looks like as if someone lay it down there, as in a paint.

Black River Fauna Flora
The fauna and flora has been preserved in the Black River Gorges as it was and is appreciated for its natural beauty.



Black River Restaurant
There is in Mauritius very nice restaurant, with Mauritian cuisine of course and also Indian, Chinese and European food. Mauritian food taste very good, quite spicy. There is everywhere on the island restaurant.

Black River Banana Trees
During your drive you will have a very beautiful view of the nature. For example banana plantation, sugar cane plantation.

Black River Varangue sur Morne

Varangue sur Morne is a restaurant located in “a coeur de bois” village. The village is in the heart of a green forest in the lap of Piton de la riviere noire with a spectacular view of the mountains and the forest. The restaurant has rustic decoration with a large verandah which gives you a beautiful view of Le Morne and Baie du Cap.

Main Road Black River
This is the main road which brings you to black river gorges, chamarel, the seven colored earth and there is a superb view around with those green trees and palms.


Black River View
This is a view of the gorges. It is like the paradise when standing up there and looking this view.

View from Chamarel
A beautiful view on the way to Black River and a nice point to take magnificent pictures, views from Chamarel and the beautiful blue ocean.

Black River Riviere Noire
Black River translated in French as Riviere Noire, is a very beautiful village that tried to keep its natural beauty. Life is slow not as in the city, people are cool, take their time, and of course it is a place not to miss in your excursion.

Black River Hedgehog
While driving you can also find also find strange animals on your way as here a hedgehog walking along the road.
Black River Plants
At BlackRiver Gorges, it is well known for its guava plants “goyave de chine”, little small red or yellow fruits that everybody come and pick, it has quite a good taste.

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