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Mauritius Command

Mauritius Command

Mauritius Command Mauritius Command – The author of the Mauritius Command is Patrick O’Brian, a British writer retelling in the fictional way the campaign that really happened in 1810. It is a naval and...

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Mauritius Embassy

Mauritius Embassy – Find on this page the Mauritian Embassies and Consulates in foreign countries. Mauritius Embassy  Beijing China H. E. Mr. P. R. L. F. Chong Leung, Ambassador Mr. A. Y. Lam Chiou...

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Mauritius newspaper Newspapers

Mauritius Newspaper –  Reading the newspaper every Sunday morning with a cup of tea is as a ritual in Mauritius. But not only Sundays, every morning reading what is happening in the country and...

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Mauritius Chikungunya

About Chikungunya Chikingunya is a virus which is spread by a mosquito known as the “Aedes Aegypti”. Chigungunya is also known in Mauritius as “chik” or “chikun”. The first epidemic of chikungunya was discovered...

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Mauritius Football

Mauritius Football is a very important sport for Mauritian. Mauritius has different football groups formed locally. There are matches organized all around the island and with other islands of the Indian Ocean. There has...