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Mauritius Football

Mauritius Football is a very important sport for Mauritian. Mauritius has different football groups formed locally. There are matches organized all around the island and with other islands of the Indian Ocean. There has...

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Mauritius money

Mauritius Money – The currency of Mauritius Island is the rupee and it has for code MUR. The abbreviation for rupee is RS or Rp. In the past Mauritius was using as currency Indian...

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Mauritius coins

Mauritius coins – Mauritius has been using different currencies since the arrival of the European settlers. The banknotes and coins are issued by the Bank of Mauritius. The coins of Mauritius are as follows:...

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Mauritius offshore companies

Mauritius offshore companies – There is a lot of offshore companies in Mauritius. Those offshore companies find a lot of advantages to their companies set in Mauritius Island. The advantages on taxes, the employees...